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Peace of Mind - Issue #1

Peace of Mind - Issue #1
By AronPW • Issue #1 • View online
Welcome to Peace of Mind, a weekly newsletter committed to giving you peace of mind.
Hi, how is your week going? Mine is pretty good. We have created multiple podcast episodes this week, that will be posted in the coming weeks on our podcasts. Stay tuned for that!
This week I wanted to give you some other insights and relaxing things you could do to relax or sleep better.
A regular listener of our shows has sent us an article from the Mayo Clinic about how to sleep better. The article has some great information about how you can sleep better at night.

Sleep tips: 6 steps to better sleep - Mayo Clinic
Listeners feedback
In this section, we are discussing questions and feedback from our listeners.
Love it! All of the sounds in here are so relaxing, I end up falling asleep so quickly. This podcast is amazing! I really like the campfire ones! I like the people ones too but also they sound funny, like I just imma give what the people look like and it’s actually kinda fun. ( ◠‿◠ ) - Bored_person on Apple Podcasts
Thank you for your kind review! We always love to read our reviews and we use your feedback to make our podcast better.
Winter snow
In The Netherlands (where we are based), it snowed last week. How is the weather where you live? Sent us a photo, and we will post them in the next newsletter.
Sunset in Gyeongju, Korea
We found this channel a year ago when we were scrolling through YouTube, the videos from this creator are visually pleasing and sound great.
Sunset in Gyeongju, Korea and Woljeonggyo Bridge
Sunset in Gyeongju, Korea and Woljeonggyo Bridge
Thank you so much for listening, and subscribing. Have a good week!
AronPW & Ruben
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By AronPW

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